Holidaying in Greece while an 8 figure business runs without them

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Typical in many small businesses, Mario and Nicole were a husband and wife team operating in their small business. Mario was running the business because of his trade-based expertise and industry knowledge and Nicole was supporting the functions of the business around accounting, bookkeeping and administration.

Mario and Nicole both joined Inner Circle as entrepreneurs with profound potential and yet were completely trapped by the day in, day out needs of the business. Their team culture was one of absolute dependence and there were serious issues with management and communication through the layers of their organisation. The business was a massive balancing act, with things built on top of other things and a serious lack of efficiency.

When Mario and Nicole first joined the Inner Circle, the cost of the inefficiency to their business was hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with errors with products, wasted downtime and having to do rectifications because of miscommunication or poor documentation of job specifics. Stepping out of the business for an indefinite period of time or even going on a holiday was out of the question, Mario and Nicole were firmly trapped in the business and couldn’t see the path to freedom.

Mario & Nicole winning Sub Contractor Of The Year in 2021 with Master Builders NT.

Top Wins (Results)


The Journey

Mario and Nicole have recouped hundreds of thousands of dollars a year simply by having better systems, effective management and leadership, and structured communication throughout every element of the business.

Now, Mario and Nicole have a very clear structure for communication, delegation and responsibility, which maintains itself because they have been able to create more leaders within their business. They’ve been able to strip the business back and systemize the operation of the business so that there’s far less decision-making required of the team, which means that their tradespeople can be on the tools, their salespeople spend their time selling and their distributors spend their time distributing, rather than everyone running in a frenzy. They also own several other trade-based businesses which feed into their 4Kitchens business. Mario and Nicole’s unwavering efficiency is now their biggest advantage.

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