From feeling stuck and trapped to creating wealth and freedom

Before Joining
Inner Circle

When Kate and Ben joined the Inner Circle, they were facing serious challenges financially and had no idea how to get out of their situation. They were lost on the numbers and struggled to see how their business could evolve into a true freedom business. They were showing up every day just putting out fires everywhere. The stress of trying to save a sinking ship made them both resentful towards the business – a common feeling amongst so many small business owners who can’t see a way out. Feeling trapped, they used to just float from job to job and hope that they would make a bit of money. Struggling to say “no” and constantly feeling like they had to please everyone left them stuck and frustrated. 

Kate, Ben & The Team at BP Air Services.

Top Wins (Results)

From feeling stuck, trapped and resenting the business to building true wealth from their business and investments and being an employer of choice in their community.

The Journey

Now, Kate and Ben are very close to having the business under management.

Not only have they increased their team dramatically but they also have a true aligned team that is working to bring the company vision to life. Having seriously up-leveled their skills as business people, they now know how to say no instead of trying to please everyone. They are firm with who they are best serving and leave their competitors to help the rest as they are completely comfortable saying no to a project, a job or a customer – they win the work that they want. This is a huge win for them. 

Kate is now also driving not only the growth of BP Air Services but driving their property investments and their business acquisitions as well. They are currently looking at two new business acquisitions over the next twelve months. One of the biggest things for Ben and Kate since joining the Inner Circle is that the tall poppy syndrome no longer applies to them. Kate and Ben have gone from being laser focused on trying to get to the end of the day with a few extra dollars in their pocket and maybe a little bit of free time on the weekend, to now being laser-focused on making investments that serve their wealth and contribute back to the local community.

Being based in the small town of Albury in New South Wales, they’re both quickly becoming pillars of their community because they have adopted responsibility for the impact their business has and the profit that it makes. Due to the support, mentorship and quality of their team members, they’re absolutely the employer of choice in their community.

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