From 81.4k profit to 1.1 million, Jodie and Craig have created true freedom

Before Joining
Inner Circle

When Jodie and Craig joined the Inner Circle they were deep in the trenches of their business. A bad case of perfectionism was crippling their team and their ability to show up and do what they needed to do. Craig’s need for everything to be perfect was also crippling the growth of the business because they struggled to let go of the tiny little things, and couldn’t trust people to do the small things right. Jody was holding onto responsibilities in the business that there was no way she should have been doing, but she felt obligated to do because she didn’t want the team to have to do the hard things.

Craig Mearns, Founder of Calibre Country.

Top Wins (Results)

From stacking shelves at the back of their shop to creating a freedom business with a positive impact on the community. Jodie and Craig have increased their revenue from 2.7 million to 5.1 million and their profit from 81.4k to 1.1 million.

The Journey

12 months on and Jody is almost entirely exited from the business. The business does not need her and Craig spends his time mentoring his team members and is now completely off the tools. If he’s not mentoring his team, he’s actively out in the community, finding opportunities to either expand the business or find opportunities that his business can give back to. 

Contributing to different groups within the community has led to massive growth and brand awareness for their business. 

They have now reclaimed their time, so that they can spend their time doing what they do best, which is being leaders and people of influence in their community, rather than being at the back of their shop, stacking shelves. Now they feel incredibly empowered and confident in the fact that what they do is not only important, it’s necessary for so many other businesses to be able to survive and do what they do.

Calibre Country has become a pillar of the community, without their business, a lot of the other businesses in the community would suffer. Jodie and Craig have also introduced and successfully launched a second revenue stream to their business. Now, Jodie and Craig pay attention to the numbers, which is not something that they were confident in doing before joining the Inner Circle. Jodie and Craig are using their business as a tool to have a positive impact in the community and create wealth.

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