8 figure business turns sparkie pros into business pros

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Matt and Scott came into the Inner Circle having to completely rebuild an eight-figure business from scratch while both being parents to young families. At the time of joining Inner Circle, their approach to leadership was more “shape up or ship out.” Defence Electrical was left with enormous debt that made any chance of paying off seem almost impossible.

Top Wins (Results)




From being left with enormous debt to returning to an 8 figure business and becoming renowned industry leaders. Matt and Scott have increased their profit from 470k to 490k, their revenue from 3 million to 3.4 million and the levels of systems and automation in their business from 15% to 65%.

The Journey

Having now completely rebuilt their business back into eight figures, Matt and Scott have been focused on investing into their team, their systems and their relationships. The vision for Defence Electrical is already coming to fruition as they have taken huge leaps to become leaders and educators in the electrical space.

Matt and Scott have gone from “how do we rebuild this entire business?” to “how do we build trade mentorship programmes and apprenticeships so we can rewrite the way the electrical apprentices are mentored into this industry?” Matt and Scott are now focused on setting the standard for anyone that does their apprenticeship through them and want to be able to deliver on their promise that any apprentice can get a job in any company in the country based purely on the fact that they were trained by them.

Matt and Scott are using their business as a way of looking forward to the next 10, 15, 20 years in the electrical industry in Australia. They are no longer trapped in the business and now have time, space and energy to ask bigger questions like “how do we set the future electricians of Australia up to be top of their trade?”  For Matt and Scott, it’s been a massive shift to really understanding how important leadership, systems and finances are in business. Having come into the Inner Circle as electrical pros, they needed to master business next. They knew they could no longer be sparkie pros that happened to run a business, now they are business pros that happen to be incredible electricians. Letting go of their profession in the electrical industry and adopting their new profession of being investors and mentors has been a huge shift. Their personal growth has reflected in massive growth within the business from both revenue and profit.

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