From having one asset to a diversified portfolio across multiple asset classes

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Joining the Inner Circle with an already successful business, Sonya and Dave were lacking what came next. With an element of time freedom, good revenue and good profit they were comfortable, but there was no compelling vision and sense of possibility for what they could create. 

For Sonya and Dave, the difference from where they were two years ago to today is that their definition of success no longer relies on Electrotek. They were good business people, but their definition of success was completely contingent upon their only egg in the basket and the future was completely dependent upon that one asset.

Top Wins (Results)

From having all their eggs in one basket to being diversified across multiple asset classes and experiencing true wealth creation every day. Sonya and Dave have increased the levels of systems and automation in their business from 25% to 70% which has streamlined their path to freedom.

The Journey

Two years down the track, Sonya and Dave see Electrotek as just another piece in the puzzle of living their dream life and achieving their wealth goals. Electrotek is a tool that serves them on their wealth creation journey, but it is one tool of many. It’s no longer one egg in one basket, they’re now diversified across multiple asset classes and are confident in their ability to build and maintain their wealth regardless of what happens to the business.

During COVID, Sonya and Dave not only redefined their niche, but they moved their entire business and family from Townsville to Brisbane as a strategic move, because they know that they could simplify their business model by moving from the Townsville market to the Brisbane market and that they could again use their business to serve their lifestyle rather than sacrificing their lifestyle to serve their business. The move was one that was going to serve them on the next leg of their journey, building up wealth and being parents to their children and young family.

The last two years have been one of using the business as a tool to empower them to invest in other areas and other assets that they have wanted to invest in for a while, but have not been able to. The Inner Circle has made true wealth creation a reality they now experience every day.

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