300k increase in profit and more time with family

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Jed joined the Inner Circle as an already successful business owner and very good operator, but he had never given himself permission to do business Jed’s way. 

Despite being a phenomenal business person, Jed was suffering under other people’s perspectives and other people’s opinions on what a successful business owner looks like. For Jed, it’s been a journey of learning to lead and being open. Jed’s journey has been one of standing in and sharing his success so that the people closest to him and the people that want the same things as him can actually use him as a role model to achieve more in his business and to achieve more in their own lives. 

When Jed joined the Inner Circle we didn’t need to 4x his business, what we needed to do was help him update his identity to reflect the entrepreneur and investor that he is, rather than the small to medium business owner that he was years ago when he started the business. It was the mindset of the small business owner that was holding the business back.

Jed Newnham, Founder of Newnham Scaffolding.

Top Wins (Results)

From holding back and playing small to expanding into true freedom in and outside the business. Jed has been able to increase profit from 1.1 million to 1.4 million and has increased the levels of systems and automations in his business from 25% to 65%.

The Journey

Jed’s journey has been one of empowering himself and allowing himself to inspire others. Jed is using the business to show other people in his industry what can be achieved when you set your own course and define what success looks like for you. Newnham Scaffolding has created opportunities for Jed to help educate and support men in his industry. Ultimately, Jed uses his business to add value to his life and to do more of the things that he wants, rather than using the business as an excuse for why he can’t do the things that he wants, or using the business as a justification for occasionally doing things that he wants. 

Newnham Scaffolding is now the reason that Jed gets to do what he wants all the time.

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