54.5% increase in profit, while making history

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Before joining the Inner Circle, Nick and Whit were doing 80-hour weeks, Nick was never home with his young family and when he was home, he was doing administration because they didn’t see a way out. Nick did not trust his team and felt like he needed to do everything himself. When Nick first joined the Inner Circle, he was a living, breathing, walking, talking example of “if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.”

Emotionally invested in all the wrong places, he was burning the candle at both ends trying to deliver on the jobs because he just could not find a way to hold his team accountable without him physically having to go and do the work. The moment that something couldn’t get done, or the moment that someone fell through, his only solution was “I’ll go and do it myself.” With no systems in the business, everything relied on Nick and Whit and seeing the possibility for true freedom was unimaginable. Everything was reactive and never proactive. With no crystal clear plan on how to drive the business forward, they were losing money and growing in every direction possible but had no idea which expansion opportunity to take and which to reject.

Top Wins (Results)

Nick and Whit have gone from doing everything themselves with no clarity on the business direction to getting crystal clear on the business vision and making history in the process. On top of that, they have also increased their profit from 600k to 1.1 million and their revenue from 3.5 million to 4.5 million.

The Journey

In the last two years, Nick and Whit have doubled their business and are now a seven figure business with a massive increase in profitability. They’ve gone from just a standard agricultural business to now pioneering agricultural projects in the Northern Territory that have never been done before.

At the forefront of 21st century agriculture, they are the first company in the history of Australia to run a cotton plantation in the Northern Territory and they did that with record profits. Now, Nick and Whit have multiple companies coming to them saying they want to be involved. Now, Nick has time and energy to let his creative side flourish so that he can create new opportunities for his business and the local economy in Darwin.

For their business, a huge shift has been moving from reactive to proactive. They’ve made massive efforts to systemize and simplify their operation and now say no to opportunities that don’t align. Having nine revenue streams, they have either stopped or made plans to stop many of those revenue streams, because at least five, were actually costing them money.  Now they know exactly where they make their profit, and where they don’t. They know exactly which activity serves the direction of the business and which activity is holding them back.

Now, Nick and Whit are completely locked in on the very few specific areas that they specialise in and have taken their business from a generalist to a specialist business that’s making history.

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