John Broadbent & Amanda Bennallack

Helping Couples Love Their Relationship

Amanda & John bring over 70 years of combined relationship experience, as well as decades of personal development, to help couples develop and maintain healthy and happy relationships.

About John

John is known as a wise elder amongst the various circles he occupies. As the author of Man Unplugged – Exploring The Inner Man, he’s an active facilitator of men’s gatherings and retreats, a coach and a mentor. His passion to help people live more fulfilling lives stems from his own awakening, which started in 1991. His deep understanding of what’s needed for healthy relationships, especially for men, merges beautifully with Amanda’s experience, to create this dynamic duo!

About Amanda

Amanda learned her interpersonal, team and cultural development skills through 37 years in the health and fitness industry. Discovering her passion for coaching and education at The International Coaching Institute, Amanda chose Relationship Coaching, and how to build and maintain Emotional Intimacy, as her speciality. Those that have engaged with Amanda soon realise her depth of wisdom, approachability, capacity for understanding and deep empathy.

mentor areas

Strengthening Connection in Intimate Relationships

Improving Self-Worth & Self-Esteem

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Extended DISC (eDISC) Profiling for Self, Team & Recruiting

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