tyson lawes strategic mentor

Tyson Lawes

Business strategist

About Tyson

Tyson is passionate about helping people and business owners reach their full potential in all areas of life. Tyson has coached and mentored hundreds of business owners and teams from all different industries around Australia.

He is a certified NLP practitioner and Trainer, finishing his Trainers Training in NLP in early 2020. Having managed a successful high-pressure remote sales team of over 30 team members, as well as leading customer service and account management teams, Tyson has a diverse skillset in transformational leadership and organisational theory.

mentor areas

Strategic Planning For Business Growth

Sales Management

Productivity and Prioritisation Tools

Developing Team Culture and Performance

Psychology, Process, and Training (Individuals and Teams)

Tools and Modalities to Support Individual Personal Growth and Human Optimisation

Clarifying Purpose, Mission, and Values

Your Mission
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Basecamp One

Build a legacy that goes beyond money

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