Chloe Mascord

Chloe Mascord

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From a very young age I had a high level of curiosity and desire for adventure, to travel to new places and to surround myself with people from all walks of life.

about chloe

I have chosen to work in business mentorship because it warms my heart to see limiting beliefs and blocks removed, it is a great space to be part of helping people grow.

Success to me means knowing I am actively present and embracing every opportunity to inspire others to find and follow their passion. My reason for being here is to empower others to embrace growth without judgement.

At 22 I started a 10 year career with Virgin Australia as a Flight Attendant, where I gained extensive management and profiling training. This role helped me to learn more about people, how they tick, how to read their emotions and how to support them at the highest level. The roles I have chosen throughout my career in aviation and super yachting, have required me to have an acute level of situation awareness, to be able to understand how people think and behave and how to deliver a world class service.

Outside of Sean Soole you will find me podcasting and building my brand in the Super Yachting Recruitment space.

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