the inner circle

A better way for
business owners.

To all the overworked business owners out there, we hear you. The feeling that there’s got to be a better way to do this without burning out – trust it. Our community is proof it’s true.

Let us help you get your life back.

A business program like no other.

The Inner Circle is a business program led by team of skilled mentors that helps overworked owners create the time, space and financial success to get their lives back – we call this a freedom business.

Proven Framework

Our method will get you out of your own way to build the life and business you want.

Expert Mentors

We’ve collected some of the brightest minds in business mentorship to guide your way.

Authentic community

The IC is capped at 100 members to create a close-knit community with you at every step.

Why Inner Circle?

Too often, we see the mentorship industry promoting “quick fixes” and “get rich quick” schemes rather than strategies for long-term impact. Don’t fall for the hype.

Our structured, proven program creates lifelong change.

Redefining modern business ownership

Meet Sean Soole

After more than two decades of mentoring and 30 years of experience in business strategy, our founder Sean has changed the mindsets of hundreds of leaders, helping them understand that business shouldn’t be trapping you, but setting you free. His teachings challenge today’s toxic hustle culture and importantly, allow business owners to create more freedom than they thought possible.

Find your circle.
Achieve real results.
Build a better life.

We’ve been there:

  • Feeling extremely exhausted or burnt out all the time.
  • You’re giving everything, but it’s not enough.
  • Knowing your industry but not enough about running a business.
  • Wanting people on your side to make big decisions
  • Feeling alone and looking for a sense of community.
  • A desire to be a better leader for your team.

Let us show you how to create a business that gives you freedom.

Change your business.
Change your life.

Book a no-pressure conversation with one of our expert mentors.

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