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Business mentoring and strategic leadership for ambitious, growth driven business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

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I work with leaders to drive their version of success in life and business so they can achieve meaningful change in their lives, creating a legacy that goes beyond money.

Create your legacy.

Achieve real results.

Build a better life.

Inner Circle

Join other ambitious leaders in my exclusive world class strategic business mentoring program. Bringing 100 values aligned business owners together four times per year and providing one-to-one support between events. Grow within the Inner Circle to maximise your potential.

To achieve your goals, you need to grow yourself first.

About Sean Soole

After more than a decade of mentoring and 30 years of experience in business strategy, I have a proven framework to help mitigate risks, overcome challenges and achieve the ideal outcome you desire. My approach has changed the mindsets of hundreds of leaders, turning pain points into opportunities, and importantly, enabling them to drive the success they seek, live abundantly and have more freedom than they thought possible.



Bringing together the best and brightest minds across many disciplines to provide experiences that grow people, their leadership and their businesses.

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Event Speaking

With 30 years of experience in business and half of this consulting and mentoring business owners in all areas of business and strategy, I can offer a broad set of topics including mindset, leadership, defining success, capital raising and more.

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Build a legacy that goes beyond money