Why Inner Circle?

Proven framework.
World-class mentorship.
Authentic community.

In 2017, our founder Sean Soole felt frustrated with the mentorship industry. Too often, he saw programs promoting “quick fixes” rather than strategies for long-term impact.

And so, the Inner Circle was born.

The vision was clear. Create a program and community where business owners could get the genuine 1:1 support they need and build the life they want.

A new way to own a business

Today the Inner Circle has collected some of the brightest minds in mentorship – a diverse group of people who have world-class knowledge in everything from mindset to marketing and who importantly, give a shit.

Together, we’ve built a close community of purpose-driven business owners that are finding more meaning, success and freedom in their lives than they thought possible. They have time back to choose the things they want to do, live with purpose and use their business as the foundation for it all.

The Freedom Business Framework

In 36 months, we move business owners from feeling trapped by their business, to a place where they have choice and control around how to spend their time, how much money they make, who they surround themselves with and the impact they want to make.

World-class mentorship

Over the years, we’ve collected experts in Finance, HR, Marketing, Technology, Leadership, Legal and more to form one of the most exceptional brain trusts in business mentorship.

Authentic community

We purposefully cap the Inner Circle to 100 handpicked, like-minded businesses. This benefits our members for both the personalised attention they receive from our coaches, but also the close relationships they form with each other.

We’re for business owners who:

  • Have an established business, team and product or service in the market.
  • Knowing your industry but not enough about running a business.
  • Lack the knowledge and tools to fully scale their operations.
  • Know they are not living up to their full potential.
  • Want to be part of a values-aligned community.
  • Are ready for change and growth.

Change your business.
Change your life.

Whatever you’re experiencing as a business owner – burnout, overwhelm, that “stuck” feeling, we have been there.

Experts on your side

Surround yourself with experts who will celebrate your every win and stand by you when things get tough.

Redefining modern business ownership

Meet Sean Soole

After more than two decades of mentoring and 30 years of experience in business strategy, our founder Sean has changed the mindsets of hundreds of leaders, helping them understand that business shouldn’t be trapping you, but setting you free. His teachings challenge today’s toxic hustle culture and importantly, allow business owners to create more freedom than they thought possible.

Ready to build a freedom business from the inside out?

Book a no-pressure conversation with one of our expert mentors.

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Start building the business and life you deserve.

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