Our Team

Fuelling impact on and off stage, our team is made of close-knit, purpose-led experts. We use our highly honed skills across business, strategy, leadership and psychology to help create transformational experiences for our members.

Sean Soole

Sean is the visionary behind this life-changing operation, setting the direction and guiding the team to deliver transformational experiences for our mentees.

strategic business & behaviour experts

All established experts in our fields, we’re the thinkers, leaders, dreamers and doers that work as part of Sean’s team to make all of this extraordinary change happen. Ask us why we’re all here and it’s simple. We deeply and passionately care about being part of something that’s bigger than just our own dreams, aspirations, needs and wants.

We’re helping people, just like you, achieve a level of freedom and clarity that they’ve previously found unattainable. And each day, we are so incredibly proud to be part of a movement that enables people to live happier lives.

With varying professional backgrounds across coaching, strategy, law, humanities, finance and trade among others, and with many of us with first-hand experience leading successful businesses of our own, our diversity in experience and aptitudes is part of our magic.

We may be your strategic mentor, your go-to person for leadership advice or the person that sits at your table at an Inner Circle event. Whatever role we play in the bigger picture, we’re united by the belief that anyone can create the life that they want.

Your Mission
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Build a legacy that goes beyond money

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