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Meet the people whose lives have changed because of the Inner Circle. As you’ll hear them say again and again, this isn’t stuff that you learn in business school.

Sean with team from Crockers Paints

Shaun & Tracey

Crockers Paint

“We’re now pointing in the right direction. we have systems and processes. Now I feel positive, energetic, definitely with a clearer mind and our families are happier.”

Two men in workshop setting in his vis vests

Total Access Solutions

Stu White

“Without a business mentor to keep you accountable, you’re not going to get the truth. There’s no business school that can teach you what you can learn within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.”

  • We have been a Territory run and owner-operated business for 30 years and we have seen the Territory grow and prosper in that time. And, most recently we have also seen the slow and hard times – our business has not been immune to that.

    About 6 months ago, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Sean Soole by another Territory based business that was going through similar difficulties to ours. Like us, that business had a huge drop in revenue and had to deal with laying off staff, left wondering what the future held. We spoke to Sean and he was able to guide us to get back on track and help us with what we needed to do. Since working with him we have seen a 35% increase in sales and a huge increase in profitability. We are now a lot more focused, calm and assured in what we are doing as a business, and on a personal level. We were able to calm down, focus and really achieve great results. The decrease in our stress levels has provided a big improvement in our personal lives and in our business performance.

    I urge all of you to attend the upcoming event in Darwin. What you will learn from that event will be practical, real solutions and techniques that you can apply in your own business that will make a difference.

    Mario & Nicole Tsirbas 4Kitchens Darwin
  • We have operated for nearly 10 years and in the last 12 months, I have been looking at improving our business to ensure we are here well into the future. It’s always good to get support outside of your own knowledge and I was lucky enough to spend a day with Sean Soole to talk about how we can look internally into our businesses strengths and weaknesses to identify the areas where we can improve – like, culture, team building, management structure and finance.

    I highly recommend businesses of all sizes consider the upcoming Sean Soole 2 day event. It’s an opportunity to look at how you can improve your business for the long term.

    Darren Lynch, Darwin 00Seven Jet Skis, Bella Fresh Pasta, The Precinct & Wharf One food & Wine

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Join other ambitious leaders in my exclusive world class strategic business mentoring program. Bringing 100 values aligned business owners together four times per year and providing one-to-one support between events. Grow within the Inner Circle to maximise your potential.

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