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Described as raw, magnetic and captivating, Sean is driven to inspire leaders and business owners to make real change and commit to leaving a legacy that goes beyond money. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in business management and the last 15 years supporting small businesses, Sean’s talents extend far beyond the coaching realm.

Sean connects so wholly with his audience on stage. It’s amazing.

Amanda Bennallack, Quintessence Coaching

Leadership speaker

Sean Soole is a sought-after motivational and inspirational speaker, delivering thought-provoking, deeply personal and often humorous insights across a range of topics within entrepreneurship, conscious leadership and human psychology.

He’s no stranger to the spotlight either having shared the stage with the likes of other world class speakers including Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner Media), Michael Gerber (The E-Myth), Jocko Willink (Extreme Ownership) and many others.

Over the last 30 years, Sean has built, owned, acquired, merged, invested in and sold 25 businesses across seven industries, resulting in an incredible depth and breadth of experience in the business leadership space.

Sean’s approach focuses on adapting people’s beliefs in order for them to create real, positive change in their lives. With a vision to provide more leaders with the opportunity to leave a legacy beyond money, he is leading a movement to inspire people to create their version of success in the world.

Sean is the type of speaker who gets the People’s Choice vote at a conference. No cliches, no buzzwords – but a raw, honest and original message. He consistently delivers captivating and impactful content that truly changes perspectives and enables audiences to feel that change is within their reach.

Sean is available to speak in Australia and globally.

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Captivating. Impactful. Thought Provoking.

Speaking topics

The Few’ Mindset

There are a few people on this planet who seem to achieve, conquer, and overcome whatever stands in their way. The only difference between you and “The Few” is how you think and what you believe.

Leading from Within

Why authentic self-determined leadership is the key to creating a successful business and a legacy that goes beyond money.

The Foundational Core

Lacking motivation, broken decision making, poor leadership, never feeling successful despite seeing progress. These are all signs that you’re trying to build on poor foundations. You must first set in place your Foundational Core.

Building Success Teams

The tools that enable you to build and lead a successful team, aligning teams to a common goal and empowering your team with the skills to self-correct without you having to do all the work.

Knowing Your Numbers

Why numbers are the language of business and how to easily develop your financial literacy without financial spreadsheets taking over your life.

Buying and Selling Businesses

This simple growth strategy is the fastest way to double your business. Becoming an investor in your business rather than just the business owner completely changes the game.

Luke Richmond // OLOC Adventures

He was present, shared vulnerably and openly. The audience soaked up every word and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Sand Mew, Holistic Business Mentor

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