Meet Sean Soole

As a mentor, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, coach, former race car driver, father, son, angel investor and award-winning business owner, Sean is an authentic leader who lives and breathes the notion that everyone has the ability to drive their own success in their life, they just need to know how. 

My philosophy

True passion isn’t in the growth of a particular product or service, but of the people behind them. When you live in alignment with your values, who you are matches up with who you show up as. I don’t subscribe to the belief that you have to hustle 24/7 to achieve success, but I do subscribe to the belief that you need to drive your success to achieve your success, and you don’t need to do it alone. 

After more than 15 years of mentoring, my approach has changed the mindsets of hundreds of leaders, turning pain points into opportunities, and importantly, enabling them to drive the success they seek, live abundantly and have more freedom than they thought possible. 

Ultimately, my mission is to provide leaders with the ability to create positive change in their lives so that they can achieve their version of success and leave a legacy that goes beyond money.

Success starts internally. I’ve learned, the more we know about ourselves, the better we can show up for every relationship in our lives – work, family or otherwise.

a real alternative to the hype

In the last 10 years, Sean has worked directly with over 1,500 business owners generating over $250m in additional revenue for his clients. Sean has built a strong foundation for business success, having owned, acquired, merged, invested in and sold 25 businesses over the last 30 years. 

His approach to business, purpose and strategy is hugely refreshing, emphasising personal growth, strong relationships and an understanding of self-purpose as key ingredients for achieving success in business and in life.

Humble, authentic and genuinely invested are the words that best describe the difference in his approach. It’s what makes Sean vastly different from the scores of other business mentors out there. Sean’s focus isn’t about climbing corporate ladders and growing empires – it’s about using what he knows to support others to create the lives they’ve always dreamed of to drive their success whatever that they may look like.

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is my group mentoring program consisting of 100 hand-picked business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs across Australia. But this isn’t your typical coaching program…

Overcome your fears, find your freedom

I’ve worked with over 1,500 business owners to create their legacies, find their freedom and make a greater positive impact in the world. Ready to make a real change in your life?

The Few Podcast

Boo & Sean interview entrepreneurs, athletes, authors and more, uncovering the dreams, ideas and strategies that drive success. Learn what it takes to become one of the Few.

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Build a legacy that goes beyond money

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