From doing everything herself to having a team do it all for her.

Before Joining
Inner Circle

Before joining the Inner Circle, Jen’s entire business and every decision rested with her. 

Lacking the confidence to build something bigger than herself, Jen had the ambition, but she didn’t have the tools and many business decisions were made with emotion. Jen’s identity was one of wanting to be a business owner, but not really embodying and empowering herself to make the decisions and take the actions that a business owner takes. When Jen joined the Inner Circle, she demonstrated the mindset of a typical small business owner – driving everything herself and reluctant to delegate. Jen’s team was very small and without Jen, there was no business.

The ever-expanding Pixel Palace Team 2022.

Top Wins (Results)


From being stuck doing $25.00 an hour tasks to creating an aligned team that generates results for her and an increase in revenue from 710k to 1.4 million with an increase in team from 2 to 12!

The Journey

With a thriving team of now (X AMOUNT), Pixel Palace and Jen have both grown enormously, but most importantly, Jen’s team are actually driving the growth and success of the business for her

Jen sits in a very specific role for the business, which is tapping into her industry knowledge and identifying opportunities for the future of the business and is no longer stuck doing $25.00 an hour tasks. Delegation is easy because she no longer has to drive the business results, Jen’s been able to build a culture, a team and a system for generating success. Jen’s team can produce amazing work and thrive without needing to come to her for every decision and every action. 

Jen is far more confident and deliberate as a woman and as a leader, as well as as a business person. 

Her ability to make strategic decisions without emotion has been one of the biggest needle movers for Jen since joining the Inner Circle.

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