From 40k profit to 750k profit, Mick and Lizzie have exceeded their goal

Before Joining
Inner Circle

When Mick and Lizzie joined the Inner Circle 2 years ago, they were on $40k profit with a 2.87% net profit margin and owed $120k for business vendor finance. They also had to take a $10,000 pay cut each to keep the office girls on and were behind 2 months on monthly repayments with debt increasing every month. They were working with very little reward, had very poor cash flow and very little money in the bank. They also needed to update their vehicles and all signage on the vehicles with no way of being able to afford it.

They were going backward and believed they would have been out of business during Covid if not for the Inner Circle. At the beginning of Mick and Lizzie’s journey into the Inner Circle, Mick wrote down their position “I knew it was the beginning of change for the better and I also wanted to be able to look back at the actual figures and circumstances we were in. We were lost, stuck, all 3 directors were facing a different way and none of those directions was North.” In Mick’s original document he wrote “We are going to turn all this around and be well ahead this time next year” and that’s exactly what they did.

Lizzie Wigg received the Inner Circle Gerber Scale Award on behalf of Wigg Plumbing 2020.

Top Wins (Results)


The Journey

Now, Mick and Lizzie are doing $3.145 million in revenue with a 24% profit margin taking them to $750k profit per annum after drawing $100k wages each per annum. Mick and Lizzie focused on improving three key areas within their business – their own leadership capabilities, the culture of their business and team, and knowing their numbers. After making huge improvements in these areas with the guidance and support of the Inner Circle, Mick and Lizzie are now enjoying the rewards of their dedication and commitment to making it work.

“To think we would have $750,000 profit 2 years later is incredible. And to think about what we will achieve and who we will be able to support once we have things systemised and give ourselves space. I am extremely proud of myself and Lizzie and thank you and your Team for allowing us to come along on your journey, and for you coming on ours.”

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