With an increase in profit from 110k to 366k, Mick and Tara had time to start two more businesses.

Before Joining
Inner Circle

When Mick first joined the Inner Circle, Mick’s phone would ring every seven to ten minutes with one of his team members, contractors or suppliers needing information from him. Tara felt completely overwhelmed and fearful they would never be able to get out from underneath the business. Construction Worx as a business was totally dependent on the two of them. The long hours and stress of the business was impacting their health and marriage and was killing any hope they had of living a life that wasn’t 70-hour weeks. The company culture was toxic and the team was not aligned with the vision for the future of the business with several team members being key person risk if they were to resign.

The biggest needle mover for Mick and Tara was the realization that they needed to grow as business people and as investors – not as construction professionals. Mick is an amazing tradie, but learning the skills of business was critical. Tara was amazing in her role, but she needed to grow as a leader. 

In September 2019 when they joined the Inner Circle,  if Mick wasn’t on site, the jobs would lose them tens of thousands of dollars due to delivery issues and not being able to run the project the way that they needed to run it. Quite simply, if Mick wasn’t on site they would lose money.

Top Wins (Results)

From being completely trapped within the business, to making 2.5 times the profit and having enough time and freedom to start two more businesses. Mick and Tara have drastically increased their profit from 110k to 366k and have increased the levels of systems and automations in their business from 30% to 40%.

The Journey

Now, Mick and Tara have completely reclaimed their future, their marriage and their role as parents and have started two other businesses in the last two and a half years since joining, because they now have the time, space and energy to do it. They have drastically increased their profit from 110k to 366,460k and have increased their levels of systems and automations from 30 – 40%.

Mick and Tara have been able to free themselves from their business, they have a smaller team, and are making three times their profit from when they joined. This means less stress and less work. One of the biggest differences from when they joined the Inner Circle is that they don’t serve the business anymore, the business now serves them. The business doesn’t rely on them to get things done. They rely on the structures that they’ve put in place. Now, Mick’s on site because he actually just loves being around his team and supporting and mentoring them. He doesn’t have to be on-site to make sure jobs get done. Every single person on that team is now there for the right reason, they’re values aligned, and they all show up to contribute to not just what Construction Worx is doing, but because they want to see Mick and Tara succeed in their other ventures. They know that the more Mick and Tara succeed, the more everyone else on the team succeeds.

Mick and Tara have grown enormously as leaders. Their team knows that if Mick and Tara aren’t on site, and if they’re not involved in the business, that means that the team is doing their job right. And the team is all on board with that.

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