Eric Collins aka ‘E’

Strategic Mentor, Communication, Human Behaviour & Psychology

I support businesses to develop effective sales strategies, enhancing individual leadership and creating dynamic team cultures. These are my genius zones.

about eric

As an experienced business strategist, I’ve supported hundreds of business owners in a professional coaching capacity as well as through my own businesses, to create the lives that they want to live, empowering them to make it all happen.

I have a double Bachelor Degree in Law and Business majoring in International Management, but this wasn’t the end of my study. A self-proclaimed bookworm, I’m a lifelong learner and devoted to researching and understanding psychology, communication and human behaviour.

Success to me is about experiencing growth, seeing my impact and feeling a deep connection with the world around me each day. My special skill is being able to cut through the noise to get to the heart of an issue, in order to create real and lasting change. And on a personal note, an amateur rock climber and avid traveller.

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