Natalie Rusten


I bring years of experience in live events, product development and customer support, together with a unique background in music publishing, to create exceptional experiences for our business mentees that go beyond the norm in the industry.

about Natalie

I love working in business mentorship because of the personal growth aspect. There aren’t many jobs where you come face to face with that every single day. It’s about constant knowledge and learning – plus, you really understand just how many talented individuals there are in the world!

Everyone’s version of success is different. I know I’m successful when I get that feeling that this is what I was born to do, and when I can help others with my specific craft.

Whilst most of my professional roles in my life have been admin focused, I’m a creative soul at heart, having studied graphic design, web design and most recently, nail technology. On a personal note, it’s all about gardening, live music and creativity, plus spending time with my family and two little ones, Ruby & Frankie.

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