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Embrace your emotions

  • Published August 7, 2021
  • Category Leadership
  • Posted by Sean

Businesses grow from emotional triggers!

Think about this concept for a minute…

Emotion ignites the energy to create, if you didn’t have a charge or reason to go into business, it probably never would have started, nor would you continue to grow it.

Emotion creates the why (feelings) that drive you to keep expanding.

So thank all the feelings that come and go, as you can embody them to achieve all the goals imaginable.


Ultimately, it’d be nice to only experience emotions that make you feel happy and on fire.

But, sometimes emotions will create actions we don’t want to take, for example, have you ever got triggered, which created “anger” and lead to a behaviour or action you regretted?

There’s no escaping negative emotions as you and I live in a world of duality.

In other words, we couldn’t have positive emotions without negative emotions and accepting this is power.

In business, you’ve signed up for a world that has a significant amount of triggers compared to a life with fewer responsibilities and moving parts.

This chosen path means mastering emotions is going to minimise the lows and maximise ROI on the highs.

The key is finding positives in the negatives and embracing the growth that comes from challenges, not avoiding them!


Often it’s a strong negative emotion that creates the desire to change.

Your business possibly started from frustration at work or with the service/encounter you had with another company and the “want” to change it.

It could also have been anger at the system or rat race, a lack of something in the world or the desire to break free from someone else’s plans.

So next time you experience a negative emotion, ask yourself, “how can I use this feeling I don’t want as motivation to change something moving forward?”


At the elite level, you can use both positive and negative emotions in a productive way to elevate performance and inspire others as a leader.

The speed at which you can do this will determine the rate at which the business grows.

For example, if you let a negative emotion derail your progress for a week, that’s a lot of traction lost.

However, if you had a 90-minute rule to experience the pain, frustration and dissect it, then extract the lesson for the future.

Instead of losing 7 days of momentum, it might only take 1.5 hours to embrace the feeling and turn it into an asset to get better next time.

The same applies if you let this happen to a team member, it’s your role to help them navigate back to an empowered state as quickly as possible.

This rollercoaster is why embracing emotion is a process you need to perpetually develop (it will never stop) to continue cutting through to the next level of possibilities in business.

As your emotional muscle expands, so will the results, therefore, keep going to the “emotional growth gym”.


To finish, think of a time in the last 12 months you were compelled to take massive action.

As you look at this experience, identify the strong emotion that preceded the action.

What was it?

Then consider this question, “how I can recreate this same emotion moving forward to inspire massive action?”


Comment below and share your biggest takeaway from this post.

Also, if you found this post valuable, don’t hesitate to pass it on to someone who might extract the same value.

Reach out to me if you want to have a personalised discussion around embracing emotions to grow your business.

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